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Chatting with CoachLil!

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What's stopping you?  Money, Low-self esteem, lack of confidence!  If you desire to transition to the next step to live a more satisfied life.  Let's talk, the first 30 minutes are FREE.

Imagine:  What would happen in your life if you had the same kind of focused-forward energy a rubber band has when it’s aimed and then released at a target?  Think about it!   If you stretch a rubber band, the strain will seek resolution.  It will try to relax.  And, as it relaxes, it creates a force that thrusts it forward.  Aim the rubber band at a specific target and it has a focused-forward momentum.  You can willfully create a stretching condition like that of the rubber band in your life that can move you forward.  How?  By honestly assessing where you are in relation to where you want to be and then letting your dreams transform.  Trust Me.