It's easy to get pulled into to conversations that could become rough. Check out this infographic on How to avoid emotional arguments and explosion.

How many curve balls have been thrown at you during your Life Course (stages) that threw you slightly off path! These OBSTACLES are viewed by some as barriers to success. How we react determines how despondent and filled with feelings of defeat and hopelessness we can become; OR, we act in the knowledge that there is value in obstacles when these curve balls sharpen our tenacity and incite our desire to continue moving forward. We can take delight in small victories.

LILS STORY: The Breakdown: There was an unusual stillness in the house when I came to on February 2, 1983. There's something about being drunk, I don't wake up, I just come to where ever I left off. The usual chatter of my three children was missing as I jumped up to see if t...

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You can make anything happen if you know how to set goals, but they need to be realistic. This might seem like a contradiction - sort of like saying dream big but not too big. When we talk about goals, being realistic simply means looking at the big picture. With enough commitment, planning and determination, you can achieve nearly anything.

Be Specific

The first step in creating realistic goals is to be as specific as possible. There's no way to reach a goal like 'lose weight' or 'gain more self-confidence.' It needs to be something concrete and measurable. What would work is something like, 'Lose X pounds so that I can fit into the swimwear I wore five years ago' or 'Gain enough self-confidence to get up in front of a group and speak w...

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