By Lileen Shannon
Aug 22

My name is Lileen and I stand for self-worth, dignity, and courage for myself and all others.

What am I learning about myself today? I am discovering how powerful personal transformation experiences are strengthening my spiritual life, my decisions, and my personal and business goals. The art of embodying my values in my daily activities helps me to see, think, and speak more clearly about where I’ve been and where I want to go. Embodying my values helps me get rid of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Embodying my values into my thoughts help me to get rid of the background noise that can generate fear and holds me back from moving forward. Transformation is key for continual success and growth.

What will I do differently because of what I learned today? It is important to me to continually commit to what I stand and integrating my values in my interaction with others whether it is through verbal communications or in writing. Turning background conversations down or off will help me to develop more courageously wiping out the fear of failure by looking at failure as a point of success.

How will I apply this to coaching others? Increase my call to action and follow up on all requests in a specific time frame with specified individuals in a collaborative manner. Retain my principles and integrity to empowering other women to identify their values and moving forward towards possibilities and opportunities that heighten their lives. Reduce any breakdowns that could impede personal breakthroughs.

"A caterpillar doesn't morph into a butterfly by random chance, nor does a personal transformation randomly occur. Instead, both scenarios happen through a series of meticulous and orderly steps over a period of time."

You have to make a commitment to change and put in the work to make it happen. Are you ready? Let's Chat!

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