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Free Session - One time ONLY! Two sessions + 15-minute follow up. (30-minutes)

What to expect: We will focus on what’s important to you. Together we will define what you want (your vision), identify the gap and determine the barriers. Then, we will develop and put into action a plan that respects your main concern and leads to your continued success.

Session 1 : We will chat to learn about each other and build trust for 30 minutes. You will receive homework to complete, to be discussed in Session 2.

Session 2 : 30-minute session. Your coaching session will be based on your homework. Together we will develop an action plan for a goal you want to achieve. This session will build knowledge and understanding of the coaching process and what’s imaginable through coaching.

Session 3 : will take place 1-2 weeks after your 30-minute coaching session. We will connect for a 15-minute follow-up. At this session, we will look at your results from your action plan, the support structure you have in place, and any changes that are needed. At the end of this session you will have knowledge of whether coaching is right for you! There is no obligation to continue if this is not the right time to begin coaching. But if it is the right time for you to begin coaching, we can discuss a payment option. All information is confidential!




Individual Coaching Sessions:
The first intake will last 60-90 minutes with subsequent sessions lasting 60 minutes.
Email support between sessions




$200.00/4sessions ($40 savings)

TWO coaching sessions per month for 2 months (sessions will be 45 minutes)

Email support between sessions




THREE coaching sessions per month for 5 months (the first intake session will last 60-90 minutes and subsequent sessions will be 60 minutes)

Email support between sessions

PRICE: $150.00 per month




To Be Announced